Conscious Creatorship

3 part class, join live or use the recordings

starts 10/10

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It’s an online space to:

connect with like Souls,

find resources,

share your Visions.

The potentials for the world we want to live are here.

It’s up to us to live them into the present.

Let’s do it together.


Newest Video

Libra New Moon: Rooting into Self Love


The keys to Empowered, Liberated life are waiting for each of us... waiting for us to say "yes”.

-Ceres Andromeda

When we embrace inner shadow, we find there is no reality in fear... and we are welcomed into a Life of Light

Light Collaboration

donations of every size are welcomed with Love and help Light info reach more people

Through our personal Ascension we become part of planetary Ascension, Unified in Love/Light