Client Work

I offer several forms of personalized Cosmic Translation. This works gives context to Human experience as part of your purpose, and reveals the doorways to Light that are all around.


Ascension Guidance

moving towards Mastery


Written Ascension Guidance

Written Guidance in response to your questions about your purpose/life/process. High Light info from your Higher Soul and Star Guides.

$122 per writing. Ongoing work priced in packages.

Personal Life Numbers Writing

A Numerology write up of your birth numbers and what they reveal about your overall path. This is a big picture, life purpose summary that connect cornerstone challenge to trasncedent potentials.



Life Numbers

for your overall path

you can see my Cosmic Numbers Column on Stephanie Azaria’s site, here:



that evolves with you


Ascension Guidance via Phone

Phone sessions create a High vibe space in which we talk live with your Cosmic Guides. This is for those actively seeking consciousness or well into their Ascension path.

1 hr appts, $111

Astrology Writings

3 choices, seperate writings:

1) Sun, Moon, North Node, Ascendent, chart at a glance.

2) Personal & Transpersonal Planets

3) Asteroids/5d planets.

Applies ancient wisdom to the current/future potentials of your chart. Soul infused Astrology in a fresh Cosmic form. $122 ea.


Phone appts

live with your Cosmic Guides