Liberated to Creator PLAY

Liberated to Creator PLAY

Finding our way into the New Year/Cycle, we see that ALL holding falsity in place is crumbling. This is more than a progression of reveals. The very structures that would support distorted attachments, towering ego, false self pretending “good” or anything other than the Pure stream of our Cosmic Soul Love…. is breaking down and moving out. Truth liberates. Always. As it moves through we can get hooked, distracted, momentarilly stuck in the waining illusion of what’s departing…. but even that doesn’t have the gravity it used to post Solstice.

This year work becomes empowered Divine Play.

Solstice Full Moon Event

Solstice Full Moon Event

Time is stretcing long between these blog post. There is a lot I will be sharing both in this blog and the Crystalline Earth blog, in due Course. I am currently doing full work, birthing and transmuting for Self and Earth. We are in such a profound timeline shift. Our readyness for coming change takes precedence now, over the other important shoulds.

The Light collective now holds the briding and Higher realities steady, as what we’ve known of Piscean suffering designs, begins to fall apart. And this is no tradgedy. It is the beginning of a Love driven Galactic Earth cycle that is empowered by Grand scale Light.

The 12:12 Portal

Today’s stargate, 3:3 and 12:12, calls us into the intiatives, Light codes, and power designs for the New Year, and a New Earth cycle beyond.

The 12th of December can be considered an entry point, like taking the first step onto a ramp that delivers us a to place that we’ve been designing and energizing for a while. We cross this ramp to the other side now which is the place of implementation, physical enactment of what we prepared from the place that we’re leaving.

Into December

Pushing to the front of events is our current Mercury retrograde and this one is more than glitches that force us to slow down. It is a depth driven retrograde with long stop gaps in automatic process. Time is stretched where we are prone to oversights or avoidance. The time stretch exagerates the effects of inner disconnects, places where we do not engage or see our own expression through. These disconnets are places that sabatoge our Creation.. the Higher our Light the more we can now see places of longstanding amnesia/neglect.

Where we have habitually gone around parts (of self) in our purpose focused tasks is now evident on the daily stage. Imagine a teacher seeing a small mistake and drawing a red circle around it for the whole class to see. These (harsh) clarifications of weak spots in life engagement call to surface the emotional imprints giving rist to the disconnect.

Places in which we’ve avoid, felt incomplete, or not up to task, show up as omissions in our life business follow through. We can now witness in slo mo the old stategies that are less than our fuller, Emerging Selves.

We will go all the way back to the basics on some points. LOTS of compassion and connection to the Truth that this is the fine tuning necessary to anchor in Light that we have forgotten, that we’ve long misunderstood and feared. The initial phases of living Higher Light scramble our old circuitry by default. This Mercury retrograde takes us down the hallways of our old life school to find any missed lessons, to pause and connect the parts, to smooth and polish how we translate our Light to life in the world.

Meanwhile our Hearts and Earth essence are being transformed by Venus’ recent retrograde as she recovers her shadow in moving direct. The Black Moon Lilith has completed much of her 2018 work to sort through the shadows, unblock secrets, and bring the denied traumatized fem back into our Central Lifestream.

We have some of the most denied parts of Self now in the Living Room of our Hearts. It can be information overload for Venus, having so many parts newly returned as the Light of Uranus shows in sober detail how compromised some things have been.

The first part of this month is every type of catch up from November’s daily Stargates. There is skipping between familiar and forgotten, remembering, flashing foward, melding, and deep healing. These myriad activities will distill into inner male/female Union as we progress through the month. There are so many steps in moving towards increased inner Union, that I will write about the effects later in the December.

Beyond the constant blast of November Stargates, we now begin to see what that Light will really do. Undeniably we are preparring for more Conscious action and Creating. It’s all Light hands on deck as we make use of this final 2018/11 month and prepare to see what next New we can Be/Do.