11-15-2018 Novembers New

Hello and welcome to my new site that is just mostly formed today. The previous site had many blog post, and while they were all relevant, the point of a blog is to stay current with the direct, fresh, and New. I am in a transition this month, shifting gears into the fully formed way of Being and sharing that is slated for the Next two years. The coming 2 years have been outlined, framed, highlighted by my Guidance teams and echoed, confirmed by others as THE corner turning years for planetary change. We never know exaclty what this means until we get there in Earth plane, “time” bound experience. But things are gonna get real, real fast. Which basically means more support for aligning with Light, more stress when/if we don’t. As I’m now fully moving into the Self and work that I’ll continue with in 2019-2020, I’m going to let this blog be fresh. No old post transferred. I am also transitioning from the name Leah Henningsen to Ceres Andromeda. I will likely write more about this in a blog post soon., as it may resonnate for others with activating Cosmic consciousness.

I will also be doing a second blog that is more specialized, focusing solely on Crystalline Earth updates. Some of those updates will inevitably be included here in the Cosmic Earth blog, my videos and other work. But the Crystalline Earth blog will provide more focused updates on the reactivation of the Crystalline Vortexes, how they are reconnecting and running Higher Light… and how the Crystalline vortexes (chakras) support the reactivation of the Light Grid around the Earth, and all the many things that go with that.

I am beyond ecstatic to be emerging and sharing in New forms. These blogs will be frequent, as often as daily, so check back soon for ongoing, elevating Light updates. Here we go into the second half of November, the remaining two weeks of 11:11 Stargates. There are Light doorways available everyday now. Any who are opening their Heart’s to their truest desires, to replace fear and karma with Love and purpose, are part of the Unified Light movement. May we all exapnd exponentially through these Stargates.