Full Moon and info sharing project

Happy Gratitude day for those who celebrate. I am going to begin, as of today, the practice of doing a blog post once a day. Some days it will be here and some days on the Crystalline Earth Blog, which is patiently waiting for more entries.

More than sharing fresh info, I am going to use these blogs to begin to compile important information that can be readily accessible to everyone. A sort of casual library. I will be putting up donation buttons soon, inviting people to make Unity Increaase donations of any amount to help make empowering Ascension info available to everyone.

This Gemini Full Moon serves to further dissolve the barriers between the two side of the polarized mind; right, wrong, etc. This will very much affect how we navigate personal life details and our bigger purpose work. Without adding any more judgment to what we’ve accumulated in the last 20,000 years, we can see that better/worse, desirable/not desirable is how we have navigated the 3d world. Necessarily and for a long time. That moves to dissolve with tonights Moon which may put us in a space of having to simply allow… to allow our inner compus to be revised, to get deeply in touch with our inner Being and how it’s shifting and let that inform how we engage external going forward.

How we experience our deep selves, our essential Soul, and how we make that part of outer life expands as of today. These remaining days of November each bringing another 11:11 Stargate will help us get an enourmous amount done before we shift into the final month and ‘3’ energy of December. 💛