The last week of 11:11 daily Stargates

Well, the once a day blog hasn’t been happening, but here we are on the 24th and there is no shortage of things to be aware of, tune into, allow space for.

An important note at the moment is that while we are aware of the New Unity timelines energizing for us, activating and preparing us for next chapter purpsose, we are also cycling through to finish out the depths of our karmic timelines. This means living experiencing the older than older seperation patterns, to some degree, through our personal daily lives, our bodies, and realtionships.

The Cosmic influxes through these 11:11 Stargates are so strong and unceasing, that we may not need to do THAT much about the old that we’re traveling through yet again, rather one last time.

We will want to choose what allows the resolution and release of the expiring timelines. Opting out of circumstance, agreements, relationshps that clearly cannot be part of the foward moving Unified frequencies. And at the same time, much of what needs to happen does so through allowing… being receptive enough to let this High Light of the Stargates makes it’s way into contact with the roots of our seperation cycles.

With so much going on, reviewing, expiring, zeroing out, it’s hard to believe that more isn’t being asked of us to make sure it goes as it should. Our Higher aspects our doing most of the resolution of seperation cause for us.

Where we find we’re are called to apply discipline and discernment, is in step by step showing up for the New which is not ONLY unfamiliar at the Human level, but is so liberated and bright that we are required to engage the New to learn familiarize ourselves at the Human level, with what we have so earnestly been bringin in at the Higher levels. We now are adjusting our eyes to the brightness, to feel what it’s like for our bodies to be in the dimensional space of freedom, beyond the trappings of what we’ve so long survived.

As we orient to and become more confortable with the New Cosmic Light, we begin to ground it into our bodies and daily lives. Our Human experience is then brought into Quantum potentials, and the Higher Unfied trajectories that we’ve been feeling and seeing coming, begin to manifest into form.

We are revealing the hidden cause of our human suffering and traps. As this reveals, our life force and Souls are liberated to the Higher purpose levels of reality.

We are gradually moving into 5d and Higher, quantum infused reality, in which nothing looks, feels, or works as it used to, but it all makes more sense, feels more like us, becuase it’s all Love. We are doing this now, with both feet on the ground…. the Love connection runs all the way vertically, into the Sacred Crystalline Earth.

Our Soul aspects are liberating quickly from some of the deepest seperation imprints in our Earth timelines. We can hold the space for our aspects to remember each other and align with the Unified purpose of reinstating Light for Humanity and Earth once again. 💛💎🌏