Final November Updates

These blogs for now will be happening about once a week plus. The end of November is so packed full with Light pushing down into the depths of our Human, earth body experience. Thick and slow and plenty of Mercury retrograde not tracking what is what.

For now you can see the new video I just posted for these final 11:11 November Stargates and bridging into December. This last video also has a bit more info on the Ark Crystalline Vortex.

It’s time to let the High plasma Light of these remaining November moments do their work. December will be a very different energetic and now that we’ve come this far, there’s no turning back, we are onto different realities and we will be learning how to navigate them as we go. This is how we do what hasn’t been done before, Lighting up to find our own way as we prepare to lead and learning our new ways of Creating as we go.