The 12:12 Portal


Stargate Portal

opening on the 12th, taking us through the Solstice and beyond

The 3:3, 12:12 Stargate isn’t a single day event. It calls us into the intiatives, Light codes, and power designs for the New Year, and a New Earth cycle beyond.

The 12th of December can be considered an entry point, like taking the first step onto a ramp that delivers us a to place that we’ve been designing and energizing for a while. We cross this ramp to the other side now which is the place of implementation, physical enactment of what we prepared from the place that we’re leaving.

This Stargate brings an initial infusion into the all New power designs comprised of revised male/female balance, with a forward strong fem and emerging New masculine. This is a very different type of Human level power, becauase it is Spiriutal Human power that does not take flight in the face of unresolved fear/density. It is true Light power that we have spent these years or decades anchoring in to our bodies, chakras, and cells, so that going forward in the next cycle and year, we ARE that Light power.

The laborious work of falling out of alignemnt with true power, learning, clearing, and coming back will soon be coming to an end. For those actively in an embodyment process, if we have passed the 50%+ marker for running Unified Light (5d and up) in the body, then we will see ourSelves living as the emobdiment of Empowered Light in the weeks to come.

Galactic plans and Human Soul purpose are merging for a refined YOU-niversal template to Create from in the coming cycle/Year. The plans are made, the way is clear, and the Light is all. most. finished anchoring in to the depths of our Humanity …so that pitfalls become a memory, heightened polarity en route to Light neutralizes as we run enough Light in the body to Create from the Source point, neutral zero point feild, ongoing.

The New Earth Humans come together now in the Unified Feild of Crystalline Light to merge Cosmic Love with Earth plane again, to bring Human Soul back into alignment with Spirit , and to know ourSelves as the Source of our fullfillment, freedom, and abundance.

The final polishing takes place through the end of the year. The Unified Light collective holds the Horizon for Emerging New Earth. With this much Light, more will be able to see…. and find the call irresistable. 💛