Solstice Full Moon Event

Welcome to the most deeply Human and Cosmically extended Solstice in hundreds of years. Our readyness for coming change takes precedence now, over other coulds and shoulds.

The Light collective now holds the bridging and Higher realities steady, as what we’ve known of Piscean suffering designs, begin to fall apart. And this is no tradgedy. It is the beginning of a Love driven Galactic Earth cycle that is empowered by Grand scale Light.

We will want to help ourselves learn now, the difference between OUR old and New realities. How, when old controls fail us, we can open our view, lift our gaze to see a potential for a different way, or something ALL-ready there.

The Full Moon at 0 degrees Cancer, occuring during the peak Solstice window, collaborates with the Solstice. This Moon is adding deep reverb to an already pivotal event. This huge watery moon transmits the feeling tone of our shift through the Solstice:

the crossover from something that we must release, to be available for something new, is felt with all of the tender undulations that a Cancer moon brings.

We hear a slow motion echo through the water of this Moon. More than anything we want to be finished with the wearing anguish of fear in place of Love, synthetic over natural, reversal in place of organic flow.

And still some parts hold on…. White knuckles till the last Cosmic moment that calls “time” for Earth change. There will be many small portals, like personal hoola hoops, that we may not want to go through in these coming few days. Some part of us will insist that we can’t. Here, the call to move no. matter. what. will keep us hopping through old barriers.

We are being shown where the Love cornicopia really is.

Which means letting go of where we though it should be.

In this letting go, we shed layer after layer of Piscean insistance that: we were winning, getting ahead, making ourselves good or right, standing out and noble. It falls away now. We do not triumph by insisting that we can endure without Love.

We are not strong in defense or helpless in surrender.

In this Solstice Moon event we cross one of the initial thresholds to the Aquarian age and like it or not will be drawn into the dawn of this New Light.

By being absorbed in all encompassing LIght, Unfied Golden Light of the trinity Heart, we remember what we actually are, and the REAL reason we came here.

The knowing that we hold now, is that our Light is awakening to what it came here to be. Surface appearance no longer matters (as much)… We are in a convergence of the need for Love and the medicine of Love that responds. With this, our long standing karmic pitfalls, and our investment to resolve them, are empoewed by Love: into earth strength foundations that make us unshakeable through change… and we do this, as ONE.

Infinite Blessings through the end of the year, and may you know your Heart to be your Source of unfailing Love.