Personal change as we utilize New Light

As a direct tool, astrology is a way to become conscious of our aspects within, their dynamics and cycles. As we do this, we understand the interplay of our internal and external worlds.

Anyone following any form of true/current astrology has a sense of the reconfiguration that we’re going through now, which will change our paradigms for Creating in the coming year.

November’s daily 11:11 (2:2) Stargates brought the greatest influx of High Cosmic light that we’ve known to date. And now we are in the resulting personal change. The moving parts of our desires, Human experience around connecting, success, Love and Loss of Love, in general, what it means to be here as a Human and pull this whole thing off without being pulled down into repeating cycles of loss and confusion - all cycling through now in the Earth cauldron filled with High Light from last month.

Mars’ way of effecting action is being overhauled now…. this may mean that we can’t lock in to exactly where we’re headed, how to go about it, not with satisfying clarity and strong action points. Mars in general, is finishing his Piscean way of doing Earth business. In exchange for the Aquarian era Mars that we’ve been preparing for, step by step for a while.

We may be in and out of diffuse watery states. This isn’t the stasis or waiting that it seems to be. Well, on the surface only. The still pause on the surface allows deep change in our gears for engaging Earth life. We will be accessing new types of strengths, new octaves of Love, and brand New templates going forward. It will be more than worth this moment of watery change.

We will also find towards the New year that we are Living in the Unified field more easily and more often. This will sustain us not just spiritually, but at the Human level more as well. There will be some grumbling, confusion, balking at what may seem like forced change at certain levels.

The planet will continue to go through increasing unreset, at the most surface 3d levels. It all serves and can be trusted to play out as needed, as we open to and plug into this deep paradigm shift. We’re not just tapping the energies of approaching Aquarian potential like we’re used to, we are regathering all of our Soul parts, to come full circle for our Galactic Earth purpose. To engage the now energized Aquarian portals with all of our selves, with our Galactic wisdom of past and future vision for what’s to come.

We have done more than we know. We finish this year’s cycle together to arrive at the approaching Aquarian landscape,

The Soul hook-ups for next phase Creation teams are happening now. We are prepping for something just around the bend that is beyond what our Human of even last month could see/dream. We are more grounded now and the water works to cleanse the Piscean residues and carry us to Aquarian New. The places in which we falter come closer to being our bedrock of strength. And in the next new, we find ourSelves. And so it is.