Updates all around.

Hello Beautiful LIGHT Beings…. I am excited to share the NEW that is happening right now.

I am doing a free Ascension Essentials video series, which will build on the AE ecourse. The first of the 7 will be up this week. I am also doing a 7 week series of Ascension Interviews with Sena Maria, which also build on the AE course, with other fresh forward info as well. The first interview is up on youtube, you can see it here: https://youtu.be/lmSE37huBVA

The 7 week AE video series, the Interviews w/ Ceres (me) & Sena are all free, and they work with the AE ecourse… which is on sale to invite you to add the Q & A option. This New Year/Cycle is the most supported time yet to activate our unique life purpose… Ascension is how we do it. See more here: https://www.cosmic-alchemy.space/light-info-offerings-1/

AND I have started a new free podcast series, which guides listeners through the process of bringing Love/Light into the body, easily, gently, naturally. Find the first Light Embodiment podcast here: https://anchor.fm/ceres-andromeda6/episodes/Breath-as-Light-in-the-Body-e2v2q3/a-a8v10o

Love/Light to All as we move further into this AMAZING New cycle/year