Blood Moon Eclipse and Moon podcast

Greetings Sacred Hearts….

. Whether we are focused on it or not, the eclipse of the 20th (that activated Thursday) will bring intensely felt energies. Without conscious attunement this eclipse may result in discomfort or (unecessary) disruption. When engaged with Love and clarity, this Eclipse can infuse our seeds of New Potential with Divine power.

We will be activated by this eclipse and it will serve us well to intentionally channel the energy as it moves through… so that we can move with the power of this eclipse in stride . The Divine Feminine convergence moves forward with in these next few days.

MOST important for this Eclipse event, which begins Thursday and goes thru Sunday, is to tune into

how this Cosmic Earth event infuses our purpose with New meaning and power,

I’ve created a podcast for Attuning to the Moon, which can be used anytime in Moon cycles, and as a tool to sync with the Moon right now, through the Full Blood Moon Eclipse

You can hear the Attuning to the Moon podcast here:

Blessings to all for clarity and balance as we move to Higher purpose