Liberated to Creator PLAY

Finding our way into the New Year/Cycle, we see that ALL holding falsity in place crumbles. This is more than a progression of reveals. The very structures that would support distorted attachments, towering ego, false self pretending “good” or anything other than the Pure stream of our Cosmic Soul Love…. is breaking down and moving out. Truth liberates. Always. As the seperation beliefs and their remnants flush through we can get hooked, distracted, momentarilly stuck in the waining illusion of what’s departing…. but even that doesn’t have the gravity it used to. And what does this free us up for?…

This year work becomes empowered Divine Play.

The old slog of making some things work sometimes in 3d, is morphing into transcendent Creatorship, in which the fabric of the Universe dances with our pure Cosmic Soul desires.

The story is no longer about getting by in designs others created, hoping we can reducing the harm done to us as we survive… every area in which we agree to this story still will go up in flames. In owning the power of our choice we see our aligned choices supported, energized, and celebrated by the forces of Love. We did not come here to squeeze in some truth and pleasure by degree while yielding to the compromise of seperation. We each carry a precious seed of New Earth within.

A gem of special design awaiting OUR Faith and rememberence. When we hold our unique gift up in the Light, to honor and for all to see, Cosmic forces ignite our jewel gift and send it’s radiance throughout the world…. And the world needs it.

We have no busines holding our Love gifts back. No one else can bring the exact designs for New Earth that we carry. And this has nothing to do with ego…. Ego will pick it up, run with it, do it’s best to turn it into empty flash that misses the point. Our Heart Star Light will burn through that as well. It doesnt’ stop us.

This year is Cosmic Soul gifts alight in Unity. Completing the transition from fear based earth and building the Foundation of New Earth. We are in this together and the time to count our contribution is NOW. We are ready to weild Cosmic Soul magic here on our beautiful Earth, to liberate her and all being from the trappings we’ve witnessed for so long. If you have been able to read this far, you are part of this. You prescence is a contribution and any iota of intention and effort adds.

Copious Love to all as we make our way into Empowered Creatorship, reclaiming Earth as a Cosmic Haven of Love.