The Eclipse of the 5th, reset from egoic to Spiritual/Human authority

The old egoic authority that kept us in programs/designs of greed, war, tyranny, and lack, was stopped in it’s tracks with the reset of the Eclipse. Energy changes and form follows…. not immediately, physical is to slow/dense for that. But the change has happned and moves to manifest, now.

Collective change is an extension of our personal, internal change. And by change, I mean returning to what we actually, naturally are. We are not changing ourselves per se, but resolving what kept us from remembering what we are.

The Eclipse kicked Saturn off his thrown of ego run amok. It’s easier (and more fun?) to look at Saturn, or adolescent egoic masculine, in the outer world, in masculine leadership working to take us backwards?.

But the shifts happen by welcoming our inner Saturn, our young, wounded, angry masculine within that forgot his value and connection with Source/Love, so he rebelled and usurped natural power from where it belongs. He forced his way onto the Highest throne and made up rules that suited his impulsive need for tyranny, to make everything the way he “thinks” he wants it, in opposition to Love.

Wounded Saturn’s deepest fear, is that he does not exist. When any part of Self rejects their Love Source, they forget what they are and loose their secure sense of Being valuable… real. Saturn has perpetuated an inner void for so long, that he now refuses to look at himself or stop his power grabs and destrution. He fears that if he stops “forcing” the world to bow to his ego, that he will cease to exist…. that the fear, guilt, and emptyness within will consume him. If this story sounds too dark, it’s because we haven’t looked at it directly, consciously. And we only need glance at a fraction of world suffering to see how wounded Saturn drives it.

Now it is time for us to open our Hearts, full and Strong, with our inner Divine Fem and Divine Masculine, require our inner Saturn to come off his throne and surrender his egoic defense. He will not do it willingly becuase he does not trust, even recognize Love. Fighting it has in fact, become his identity. Saturn will resist and be sure that he is being destroyed, in having his auhthority reallocated to where it belongs.

In a sense, he will die, to what he thought he was. But nothing real will be dying. All that will die is the investment in the illusion that something other than Love can rule the world. Any identity around this will die. From here, we and our inner Saturn can finally stop pushing and striving.

The adolescent masculine can be included in the Love of the Heart, and the Light of the Divine. All will return to their right places. There will be no more allure to what takes, leaves empty, or destroys. The grab, dash, and avoid that drives our surface culture will come grinding to a halt. Frozen Hearts will remember what they truly want, what they truly are…. We have initiated an individual shift of egoic authority, back to Spiritual authroity, here in the Earth realm. This by default puts things in their right place. Hearts are full, minds are calm, bodies are without guilt, and Love/Light reigns as the order of the Natural world.