Virgo Full Moon

It’s impossible now to talk about any ONE thing, like the moon, and not talk about other cycles events as we are working with Higher designs this year in which things are more fully, more intelligently connected.

This moon initiates us into purfied physicality,

Divine purity in the dual realm,

like we have not had access to since the fall. It may not be completely apparent right away. The initiating effects of this moon will reverberate through many cycles for a while. And this Moon IS an initiation of resurrected physicality, in which was was broken, guilty, spoiled in physical becomes virginal again, fertile for Creating Love based New.

The Black Moon Lilith just began a New cycle with the Sun, Venus and Saturn have had a recent conjunction and Mars is now in Taurus, Venus territory… this is a whole lot of rebalanced masculine and Feminine. The major players in New Light dynamics that change everything about our inner male/female union, and following, our power dynamics with other people and world structures.

Rules, systems, physical designs out of alignment with Love that have seemed fixed, stagnant, for so long now become move-able, change-able, muteable… this is happening with, through and by the power of OUR Light.

If that sounds too big its becuase our human ego doesn’t know how to translate someting so grand into personal achievement, becuase it can’t. What we find fullfillment in now and can take ownership of at the Highest levels is what we are doing as part of the Unified CollectiveUnity doesn’t dillute our personal power, it adds to it, changes it into something purely Love based, nothing seperative lacking or lost.

The reworking of how personal power in our lives, with others, and with world systems is revising. non. stop. We don’t have to understand it all, rather stay centered in the Heart view that; Ligth is increasing, the Ascending momentum is building, and our purpose is essential and aligned.

As we move to finish February and become more conscious of our forgotten depths, we access more and Higher Light. The channels are open to call in and make of use support we need in real time, from our Cosmic Allies, the Unified Collective, and Higher Selves, via our quickly expanding Hearts.

Fear is dissolving. LoveStength is on the rise. This Moon inititates purified pleasure in channeling Source through form. We are prepping for March Creation potentials, to do what we and others may have doubted. It no longer matters what the surface world deems possible. We are the ones initiating possibilities of New. We are Lighting the way, grounding to pave the way, and preparing to build the structures for what we came to see live and do… for Love on Earth.