Aquarian New Moon

It’s been 2 weeks since my last blog post which was for the Lunar Eclipse event… makes sense. It’s as if we are just now leaving that incredible Eclipse event that turned everything on it’s side. After a line up of planets/aspects making their moves and setting the stage, on the 4th we have A New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year the following day: year of the boar = grounded power.

Right now it can be balancing to tune into our Chiron/Alpha Omega, our center point where all Love needs meet unconditional Love. We are so quickly being purfified, seeing/resolving old Self and real-izing our TRUE new, that our Human may feel ill at ease, sure that we must cling to OR push something away in order to lock in on a familiar sense of order. This is where Chiron/AO as a bridging center brings us stable. Nothing to push away or reach for… we are the center point through change and this is a perfect moment to practice finding and living it….

Because who IS at the center of all we are may seem up for grabs. As the masculine wounds and all timed out aspects clamor to leave, we will witness our forgotten choices and unconscious agreements with more clarity than we bargained for. There may be regular temptings to turn away from the bright reveals to maintane a familiar self that has ‘got it’, that can keep things on track. And that’s just it… our entire track for Being here has ALREADY changed. This is the time for our Human parts to catch up, to ground that change so we can Create from it, here.

This is a prime time to stay in touch with Higher Guides, with our Cosmic Loved ones that know us for who we are outside the timelines of suffering… to tune into to our Light teams that remind us of why we are ACTUALLY here and what we came to do… which has little or nothing to with the life cycles that the world prescribes (tho they can be temporary vehicles while we wake up).

This Moon infuses us with Soul Earth fertility for far reaching change. Things may seem empty or crowded, at odds with no flow… but flow they will. We have not “done” this much before on this many levels and it’s impossible to NOT feel shaken or on gaurd in moments.

This Moon prepares our emerging strength of purpose which IS building in the background, and IS central to coming change.

We may not always feel it, but we can choose Faith in the Love that we are, we can Trust that our Higher Souls are Guiding us and as long as we are willing, the change comes in the gentlest form possible… the more we resist, the rougher it gets.

The Earth is currently being held steady by Crystalline Cosmic Light, to allow surface patterns to break up with minimal harm through change. This is the time to fully invest our Faith in what we came to be and do, even if we are just realizing what that is. It is note time to doubt our importance in the coming/Now change… our indivuidual roles are precious, powerful, and needed. We contribute by bowing to our own emerging Light, the likes of which we’ve not fully seen yet/this time.

This moon brings deep potent infusions that will surge, Light up and bloom in the coming weeks/months. No slowing down (at least until March, where things smooth more than slow)… our choice lies around how much we choose to resist, how much discomfort we need to yield to the force of Love change, and how much we open. to. trust: our emerging purpose and power in this incredible New Earth year. This is a time for next level Self Love, where we no longer contract into survival self for safety, but open to our potential, as Love, and say YES.