Realizing our Starseed purpose; the return of Light. On. Earth.

The first two months of the year prepared us for the Gateway we walked through this week.; the early realization of the Starseed mission on Earth. Uranus entered Taurus with the Pisces full Moon on 3/6…. along with other celestial aspects playing a concerto to herald us into the resolution of distorted Human timelines and merger with the Unified, New Creation timelines

The last time Uranus entered Taurus was in 1935, that 7 years was the build up to the 2nd WW, when the atomic bomb was used. It was just after this that Starseeds organized to come in from other starsystems, galaxies, to bring their Light into the places in the planet where it was most needed, to take on the distortions of Human miscreation and to engage the Christic timelines (activated by Jesus and Magdeline), to shift the trajectory of the Planet away from suffering and destruction and back into alignment with Light.

Since then Starseeds have been incarnating in groups, with each group having a general task for the time period in which they enter, doing what’s most needed and prepping things for the jobs that the next Starseed group will do. One building on the other progressively.

Following the Galactic/Earth reset of December 2018, we have had a blank slate this year to move into final resolution of misCreation and initiate cycles of Reclamation and true Creation.

The Pisces New Moon conjunct Neptune brings the Higher Conscious View to Pisces, as part of a New cycle in Pisces. The Starseed groups are getting to the traction point of what we’ve been preparing for since the 1940’s, which is to remember and BE ourselves here fully, (despite the amnesia and gravity) to Light up our Star DNA and dissolve human suffering patterns of the last 2000 years.

Resolving the old Piscean era distortions allows us to fully merge with the Christ/Sophia timelines and that resolves seperation patterns going all the way back to the fall. Merging with the Christ/Sophia timelines, [which were brought to Earth at the beginning of the Piscean era], transmutes the remainder of Human miscreation, guilt, fear all the way back to it’s origins.

Welcoming illusion to see through it, forgiving the belief in guilt, allows us to see it’s origins. While “sin” seems an archaic word in the context of Ascension, it’s important to note any stories, records, imprints related to “sin”; which is the belief that we can do something that makes us bad, that seperates us from our pure Divine nature, from God/Source/Love.

Without the belief in sin there could be no experience of shame or guilt. Guilt is the result of believing we are inherantly bad = original sin, OR we have made a choice that make us bad - the ongoing sinner in need of perpetual mercy from a removed Patriarichal God. These fear based imprints are what we are resolving now, which allows us to FULLY merge with the Unity Christ timeliness and walk out of seperation for good… necessary to progress into the Creation cycle of 2019/2020, the beginnings of New Earth.

The use of religion to confuse, oppress, disempower, throughout these last 2000 years, is based on the premise that we are incomplete or unworthy inherantly, and/or we will inevitably make choices that render us incomplete, unworthy seperate - that seperation is a reality that we are always vulnerable to, at risk of being overtaken by, and it is either due to an enemy’s attack/sin or to our own failure/sin…. that we must always be trying to overcome our inherent inadequacy or vague sense of guilt within, that there is something dark that we are part of or responsible for that is to terrible to see fully but that we must find ways to avoid or make up for. ALL of this is based on the illusion that we were ever seperate to begin with … but with free will we can invest our belief/perception in what we choose, or what we are manipulated to choose.

All that Humanity is actually recovering from is the investment in trying to make something real that never was… in fearing that we must suffer or be oppressed by a reality that is somehow against us, rather than for us, or in truth part of us. The Law of One is the foundational Law of all life in this Universe and however long or far it seems we have been away from that, nothing can or will change it.

We are reclaiming full memory of what we are as Starseeds and why we are here, which allows us to move forward in completing our task of dissolving dense energies, dispelling illusion, and together:

Embodying and energizing the Christ/Sophia timelines of Unity Consciousness…

in which we go forward empowered to reclaim surface Earth and her systems from death designs and bring them into alignment with LIght… Earth systems that work synergistically with other… in which everyone is conscious that they are life itself and therefore part of the Source of life and One with every other part. That there is no life outside of the essence of Love.

Many starseeds are now doing some profound transmutation, reclamation of Humanities fallen trajectories, to merge planetary timelines with with Crystalline intelligence of Unified life.

As starseeds we remember our heritage, our origins, through feeling and clear information as it comes.

We trust our Hearts which connect our Cosmic origns with our

Human bodies and current purpose here.

Many Ascension projects have been completed for us to enter into this early phase culmination. May we all appreciate each other and the essential role that each has for the illumination of Beautiful and Sacred Earth.