Crucifixtion Death Resurection ReBirth

This Easter brings a culmination of death consciousness effects, of inner resistance to Love flow and life. Jesus initiated this cycle with his crucifixition and resurection at the beginning of the Piscean era. He went through a dramatic, short, symbolic version to show us what it is and how it can be done… so that we would understand the need to go all the way through the illusion of death here, in this place of physical density. Here where the dual experience of things led to our forgetting that the 2 parts are each other and are the whole. The density gravity experience led to a decline into further polairty warfare, within and without. Seperation suffering of any variation that ego could concieve. And that is what enslaved us. The fear of the tyranny of one side being opposed to the other and the death that threatens to bring.

The crucifixtion is the outer experience, the culmination of the death sentence of seperation that we have feared, fled from, and perpetuated. When we go into this point of contact with the depths of death conscious, let it be seen while holding a Divine connection in our Hearts, we travel through the distortions and agony to come out the other side. Having gone through full contact with hidden fear, the part of us that believed in it, i IS broken down when we cannot keep it at bay.,,, for a moment there’s nothing left but full surrender to Source. With this, anything in our consciousness, bodies that is not part of Source is purified, transmuted by Source.

We emerge resurected on the other side,. Completely changed and wholely ourSelves. Beyond the old trapps, tricks, vulnerabitlities of seperation… because WE are not seperate within. Not seperate from Source and our parts are not seperate from each other. Our inner mechanisms for maintaing seperation are destroyed in the crucifixtion experience… that is the death. Our identity based in seperation dies. This feels like a loss as we pass through because we must necessarily make contact with the belief in the threat of loss.

We resurrect beyond the fear confusion of living in a dual realm,. We become whole in the place of seperation, pure life in a place that focuses on death… one with Source in a place lost with forgetting. This is the rebirth space that we move into in small cycles each Easter, but fully this Easter. Because this Easter is a particular completion point of the Piscean era, in which all of this begin. This resurection for us now is one out of the old era itself. Out of the old self we made to survive and into a renewed and whole Self that carries Piscean wisdom forward into the Aquarian new age. THIS Easter heralds a culmination point for the Piscean era, and a substantial initiation of Aquarian Unified consciousness in the following days.

Here I’m focusing on the Easter point of our Piscean to Aquarian passage, explored in full in the New Earth Purpose Guidebook which I’ll be releasing next week.

May we hold the Light in our Hearts as we move through the darkest point of death. May we KNOW that death has always been illusion, and entering into the “worst” is the way we let the illusion dissolve, so that we can transcend the illusion that the dual realm pulls us apart from our Selves, Source, Love.

Releases of death consciousness will be playing out all over the planet now, and for some time following. The purge will be made use of… until it is complete. We can use our access of Higher knowing to illuminate the death traps here, to become impervious to them… because they are not real. WE are real, our Love essence is real, our embodyment of Divinity and unbreakable bond with Source is real. And that is all there is.