Personal lives/planets agitating to liberate to Harmony

With Mars in Cancer we may be feeling the unraveling, the opening of all that has been pent up where Mars has not been able to protect, express our Hearts (Venus). The places in which our sensitivities, voices, Soul dignity has been ignorned, trampled, or defiled outright… with that long reach back to Piscean origins. The saga of the Heart/feminine essence has being scorned in the phsical world, rather than protected, echos into the present from ancient ages. The Earth her self creaks and groins to release an era of pain and tension,from physical order working against feminine, rather than honoring her, making her the center from which physical extends.

The choice lies in how we open to the scorned Heart/feeling (Venus) and the physical (Mars) which is feeling and draining his wounds in the healing waters of Cancer. We cannot resurrect a story that will work from eons of suffering. But we can resurrect our essential parts We can include and honor our Venus and Mars, help them remember each other in the Heart, in physical within.

Allow this rememberence and reunion to help heal our original seperation wounds,

which pulled us apart from our Twin Souls so long ago.

We can infuse our awakening Saturn with conscious Love, so that he can release his grip of old tyranny and give Mars, Venus, AND Mercury open passage to reclaim themselves from old roles of bondage, to remember their harmonious collaboration with each other (Mars and Venus two halves of a whole and Mercury expresses that whole Love prescence…communicates it and shares it with others/world.

This is the scale of personal change, that changes the foundation of the world.