The New Earth Noah's Ark story, expression over safety, and AOC

I realized today that the story of Noah’s Ark isn’t at all what I was taught as a child - no surprise, but I now know what it IS about….

All Creatures, in masculine and femine balance (equally represented on the boat) sail through a flood Piscean waters of past, brave storms that threaten doom. In a Love protected ship, with a Spiritual guide, they make it to the shores of the Aquarian New. And rainbows ensue.

The above is ONE example of all the new ways we will be seeing the “old” world we have lived in. The paradigm shift through the mid point of this year becomes real as we embrace it and our perception will change accordingly.

We will find that where we needed consolation or comfort to survive 3d, we now want to express the Love truth of 5d (and beyond). We will want to live, act, reveal and express ALL of the truth of what we are, what we came here to do, realize be, so that the past can zero out, compost, dissolve and the new can be born through us - through our expanded prescence in our daily lives.

And I must include a comment from Alexandria Octavio Cortez, taken from an article in the Gaurdian on July 1. She described Hope: not as something we “have”, but something we create through action. I agree that we do not wait for hope to find us, as something that already is, but we generate it through choice, initiative, within AND without. Aligning with Self Love within, acting on it without.

AOC goes on to say that hope is something that “we manifest into the world”, and that “it is contagious”. And I AGREE !00%.

The call is to trust the forward momentum of New that asks us to step up to what we know is possible but can not (yet) prove. When we act on behalf of what we know can, wants to happen, in alignment with Love, then we bring it forth. No effort is lost, no dreams are foresaken. The more our present/future vision is a challange to the status quo, the more staying power and faith we may need to see it through. Good thing the Universe itself is on our side.