This is more an intro post that a full block of info. I want to introduce this blog and describe SOME of what it will be about. This blog focuses on the reactivation of the Crystalline Earth, as well as how that relates to our Ascension, how we both benefit from and support this process with/for Earth.

The Crystalline Vortexes, located throughout the Earth, are like chakras in our bodies. I am tasked with/chose to focus here, at this time, on the reactivation of the two primary Crystalline Vortexes, more the larger, and the one that reactivates first, the Ark Crystalline Vortex in the NW 2/3rds of Arkansas, North America. The Southern Hemisphere counterpart is in Minais Gerais Brazil, and while in process, is reacitved in large part through it’s connection to the Ark vortex. I initiated my direct work with these two sites about 2 years ago. And worked on location with the Ark Vortex last October. I have continued to work with the Ark vortex (and Brazil in tandem) everyday for the last year.

Quartz cluster from the Crystalline Vortex in Arkansas

Quartz cluster from the Crystalline Vortex in Arkansas

For now in this brief post I will say that the last year has included increadible breaking apart of heavy karmic density in the Ark Vortex. It is not all cleared, but great progress has been made.

Some of you may be aware of focus on chakra/vortexes in Sedona, AZ and Mt. Shasta, CA. While these are powerful, important vortexes for sure, the Ark and Brazil vortexes have been delayed in their rememberence and direct use BECAUSE they are so powerful and central to Earth’s Ascension. If they were to have been unblocked, re-activated prematurely, this could expose them to counter measure to co-opt, pollute them, or shut them down.

The clearing and reactivation of these North and South partner Vortexes is well underway. And the massive conductor crystals deep in the Earth at both sights are being prepared for full reactivation. More on this soon…. and you are welcome to email me with questions, comments, at: ceres.andromeda@gmail.com