Crystalline Vortex Updates

This may be out of context for those of you that are not familiar with my previous work with the Crystalline vortexes and grid. But this will be information that builds on itself, that I will be adding to one blog post and at a time. This blog, like the other one, will build into a causal library of it’s own. Once it becomes full I will like find a more structure way to share the info. For now I am just going to create a trail of progressive information throught these regular postings.

As I mentioned prior, the two primary North and South hemisphere vortexes are the Ark Crystalline Vortex and the Brazil Vortex. Recent progress includes another signifianct step in clearing the surface barrier/overlay, on the Ark Crystalline Vortex.

From my on site work there last year, I found that there was a sort of covering over the Ark Vortex, blocking the flow/connection of Earth Light and Cosmic Light and concealing the Vortex from rememberence and activation almost completely. I believe that this covering is part of what has kept it dormant for so long and it has not been visable and viable to those that work with other vortexes/chakras around the planet.

About this time last year I begin actively working to contribute to the effort of clearing this surface overlay on the Ark Crystalline Vortex. I can only describe it as a sort of dried tar, very old and incredible thick in density. Also causing major disconnect from sacred EArth frequencies for those that live in the area, if they are not attuned to how to acces the Earth despite this barrier.

This thick tar-like covering also had the effect of severely reversing the organic relationship of Earth Human life, creating enormous double back reversals in the Feminie Creative Principle and the Maculine Protective Principle. As well as pepetuaiting human misunderatnding and even violence in how they regard the Earth in that area.

It is a a welcome peice of progress that this surface barrier has dissolved significalntly. Previously it became porus and Light began to flow through where it had been completely blocked. That served to begin to break up the surface overly into chunks, bigger peices that from there could begin to dissolve in the Light. This dissolution has been continuous and at this point the density seal over the surface is nearly halfway dissolved. This allows a major increase in the Light that passes both ways, from Earth upwards and from the Cosmos down into Earth. This increased Light flow accelerates the activation of the individual components of the Vortex, their connections to each other, and the overall spin.

There is enough Light flow now at the site of the Ark Crystalline Vortex that it can better connect to and tranmit Light to the Brazil Vortex, brining that Vortex fully into early phases of reactivation.

Much more info coming soon. Please add your comments, intuitive insights here.

For fuller engagement in Crystalline Vortex work, you can contact me directly at: ceres.

Love and Light in Unity…..