Crystalline Earth updates June 2019

At some point I will create a catalouge of Crystalline Earth information here. With the amount of embodiment work that I do, it may not be for a while. For now I will be doing some semi-regular post on changes in the Crystal Earth vortexes, connections between them, and more. I have been doing direct work with Crystalline vortexes, daily, for years now. But as of May 2019, we activated a New connection with deep primal Earth and with emerging Crystalline Earth. We are in fuller collaboration with reawakening crystalline Earth. The changes are faster and more important to bring conscious… easier to assimilate in our consciousness because as a collective we restored a pure connection to deep Earth which allows us to be aware of, communicating and collaborating with Crystalline earth more fully.

For those consciouslly engaging Crystalline Earth, running enough LIght in body/cells to maintane a connection, you may notice that it deepened recently. I work primarily with the Ark Vortex, the Atlantean Crystal vortex in the northwest 2/3rd’s of Arkansas. This vortex connects to it’s smaller southern hemisphere counterpart in Minais Gerais Brazil. I have been establishing a new anchor point in recent weeks, a stronger one in the Minais Geras vortex. An anchor point that is available to others as well.

This is a deep Earth vortex connection in which our base balance between shadow and Light can be restored. Where primal energies are balanced in their elements and expression and do not become distorted through fear or ego. In fact, milinnea of egoic distortion of primal earth force can be cleansed and healed in the vortex in Minais Geras.

Connecting into this deep earth Crystalline vortex (Brazil) is a way to balance the male/female connection in the lower chakras, to purify the flow of life force and sexuality. Connecting into this vortex helps stabilize our Human/physical connection to the Crystalline core of the Earth. It also helps balance and purify the lower chakras to the point that we can run more/Higher light in the lower chakras, increasing our ability to access inner Earth in a full conscious way.