Crystalline Earth Timeline Updates

hi All… posting a much needed Crystalline Earth update as we heave-ho into an entirely new personal/collective/Earth phase at the end of the Lion’s Gate. I have not posted here as I anticipated, not for lack of content to share, but becuase my ongoing Crystalline Earth work is SO constant and immersive, that there are. no. breaks to pull out of the experience and reflect to share. In fact it’s been essential that I not leave the direct experience of engaging Crystalline Earth, (mostly key vortexes that I work with and the overall network some as well). Every day I am collaborating with re-awakening Crystalline Earth in deeper, fuller, more luminous ways. There’s more info, more Cosmic Earth collaboration, more deep Earth magic, openings to inner Earth, and overal alchemy of elements and synergy of moving parts.

For me to pull out of this ongoing immersion would mean disengaging at a crucial time, missing a step or going remote from the central life pulse of what I’m doing for my embodyment and for Earth’s resurection. This work is becoming how I plug into my ongoing Source energy, via form, because it is how I both anchor and channel my Cosmic Light. Transmitting my LIght into Earth and receiving the crystalline codes I’ve stored in Earth is key to my wholeness, and the co-mingling of my body, Light, and Earth elements has become my has become what I live for and through, as it makes full Love connection in physical life possible.

While I initially saw this blog as a way to share some of the above, I now understand that my Crystalline Earth work must be allowed to move fully without being packaged prematurely. Though all of my Earth work is informing everything else that I share and do with others.

While the direct info from my Crystalline Earth engagement will become a body of alive work of it’s own, more than a blog. Until then, I hope that each of you is finding Heart opening, Soul nourishing, Spirit lifting connections with our beautiful planet that moves to become Heaven in form. Love to everyone as we each sync up with awakening Crystalline Earth, aligning with New Earth Timelines together. 💚🌍💙🌳✨