We came here to Awaken and Ascend for Self, Humanity, and Earth


This is a pivotal time of Planetary change. We are each here as Lightbearers, wayshowers. In accessing this ability, we initiate the resolution of karma and all it’s trappings, we merge our Cosmic nature with our Human body and Soul, we remember ourSelves as Sovereign, Divine Creators in form… this is what it means to Ascend.

When we say ‘yes’ to our individual Ascension path, we automatically sync with the Awakened Light Collective. We become attuned to sacred Crystalline Earth and her reactivating Light.

In aligning with our purpose, moving beyond the confines of past, we connect with Higher Love/Light potentials and with Higher realities.

I welcome all who want to See, Remember, recover their Illumined nature. The two year window we are approaching, 2019-2020 brings an acceleration of shifts. For this personal and planetary transition I’m sharing a free blog and videos, subscription to the Monthly Light kit, the Ascension Essentials products, and several options for direct client work. May we all follow our Hearts to the fullfillment of purpose, to the realization of Light, and a world according to Love.