We came here to Awaken and Ascend for Self, Humanity, and Earth


We came here to be Lightbearers in this extrodinary time of Planetary change. Through activating this ability we initiate the resolution of karma and all it’s trappings, we merge our Cosmic nature with our Human body and Soul…. we remember ourSelves as Sovereign Creators in form. This is what it means to Ascend.

When we align with our individual Ascension path, we automatically sync with the Awakenening Light Collective. And we attune to Crystalline Earth. From here we access Higher Love/Light potentials, ie Higher realities.

I welcome all who want to See, Remember, recover their Illumined nature. The two year window we are approaching, 2019-2020, will call on us to step into purpose more quickly, more fully. The offerings here are in support of this emerging Now transition, towards the Creation of New Earth.


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