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The return of Soul/Soular power to fuel our purpose through the second half of the year, ALSO creating now for 2020. Increased m/f balance giving rise to the 3rd in our inner trinity: the Divine child. Wielding the power of our Inner Trinity is how we physicalize Love, in OUR lives....

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How The changes we went through in February have prepped us for entry into Higher level Embodyment and Love attunement with Earth. Our reactivating DNA are synchronizing with Earths reactivating Light Templates. We move into the next quickening in full partnership with Cosmic Earth.


Ascension Convo 7 w/ Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria: Why we are here

relaxing attachment as a way to allow Ascension process, allowing for the phase by phase process of uncovering, transmuting, releasing everything within that seems unlike Love, through change and the unexpected.


The 6th (of 7) Ascension Conversations w/ Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria


Building on the AE eCourse: Becoming conscious of what causes pain and disease. Getting in touch with what WE are holding in the body. Understanding how the body expresses US. Awakening to the natural state of being Empowered. As Light. In form.

Ascension Conversation 5 w/ Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria: Fear & Embodyment


Building on the AE ecourse: How Self Love as an EVOLVING relationship with self allows us to change what we experience in outer world, by facing what seems unlike Love within... to illuminate unLove until it is seen through as illusion, bringing all parts that needed self Love into rememberence of Self AS Love.


Ascension Conversation 4 w/ Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria: What Self Love really is


Building on the Ascension Essentials eCourse, which you can find here: Why we have deferred to mind over Heart, what it means to come back to the Heart, and how that initial vulnerability becomes strength.

Building on The Ascension Essentials ecourse, which can be found here:

(Lunar eclipse update) What it means to trust our Love nature, purpose, Higher potential, how that confronts the fear that kept us out of Self trust, and how we move through that fear to expanded power in purpose.

Part 2 of a 7 part interview series with Ceres Andromeda. & Sena Maria. Why now is such an incredible, supported time for your Ascension journey. - How becoming Self Referential is key to your Ascension path - How Trust = Power,

This is the first Ascension Essentials video, building on the AE ecourse that is available here: Doesn't duplicate, but builds on the first section of the course: Inspiration, with tools for realizing what Inspiration really is and how to see through ego confusion Welcome everyone doing this with me/us over these 7 weeks as we move into the NEW!!

Ascension Interviews w/ Ceres Andromeda and Sena Maria, 1 of 7, building on the AE ecourse. Join us for enriching discussion of what this is and how to LIVE it